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 Our main business partner is Altyn Consult, a company engaged in appraisal and consultancy. Altynaudit and Altyn Consult are advisors to the Kazakh Government and provide the regular monitoring of asset management in strategic industries (in accordance with the Kazakh Law On Monitoring). The following projects were monitored: Mittal Steel Temirtau (2006), Kazchrome (2005) and Maikainzoloto (2004).

 We also cooperate with the Kazakh Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies. In particular, we perform the financial examination of operations and monitor the compliance of natural monopolies with the tariff policies.

 Our recent partners include the newly established development institutions such as the Investment Fund of Kazakhstan.

 We build our relations with the partners on the principles of mutually beneficially cooperation and are always open to new opportunities.

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